Tuesday, April 16, 2013


a month {so far} in pictures

lovely lilac
 3 year old birthday presents
 the 18th month check-up asked if he could use a spoon. apparently not. 
 i turned... dare i say it? 30. 

 and the next day... she turned 3.
 sprinkle pancakes and a fancy glass.
 a big girl bike from daddy
 and menchies. 
 a sleeping bag from gg and papa

 lake murray duck hunt

 a little fence building.
 and a lot of excitement!
 at the very moment i took this she was saying 
'i want waffles'... it was 4 in the afternoon
 read Gone Girl earlier this month. now this.
new bath activities. 
word of advice: get ready to seriously scrub... with bath cleaner and all.

Monday, April 1, 2013

easter 2013

the first thing i saw on facebook easter morning was an adorably dressed, smiling family.
here's mine:


this little thing had the time of her life... who doesn't enjoy sugar all.day.long?

and he eats chocolate eggs. tin foil and all. that sparkly diaper should be making its appearance any minute now.