Friday, August 14, 2015

a change of pace

it felt like the changing of seasons. it felt different and completely the same. subtle changes.
no long stroller rides. no need to put babies down for naps. no movies. no sippy cups. no bedtime routines.

it was effortless. sunscreen and water. lots of water. they were content in the sand for hours. running ashore to show me sand crabs and grab a snack.

she laid on her belly down the shore and talked to herself and made drip castles.

he ran along the shore and rolled in the sand and i wiped sand out of his eyes and he didn't cry.

it was the changing of the tide. and that's where we are in life too.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

sandy bathtubs

there are a lot of days in summer where i get to dinnertime and i think, how did this day slip away? what did we accomplish? what will they remember? why can't i get a dinner put together before ryan gets home? eh.

an overwhelming sense of panic kicks in when i look at the calendar. summer is nearly over. we haven't been to to zoo 100 times like i anticipated. no library trips. not enough stories read, too much tv. and mommy guilt kicks in. nobody wrote about the mommy guilt in those baby books. i'm still waiting for it to go away. someday. sigh.
then, as i rinse out the tub, as i watch the little grains of sand slip down the drain, i feel slight relief. today was a good day. i can see evidence of it right here. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015


my sweet cousin, who lives way too far away, told me about ThredUp. it is an online fashion resale shop. it's like buying nice hand-me-downs. and i LOVE hand-me-downs. i was sold when she told me i could return anything i didn't love. i am a risk-free-shopping kind of gal.

thredup has a mobile app, so i browsed and added fun stuff to my bag without too much thought. i filtered our sizes, so that made browsing easy and quick.
 the box was beautifully packed and each item was nicely folded. each item was tagged and they provided an inventory slip.
 moo bear is a dress lover. she will wear a dress every day of the year... it's a good thing we live in sunny san diego! she was very happy with this find. 
i also splurged on the true religion jeans. considering the deep discount, we can pretend to be name brand people.

all three of her items looked great. no noticeable stains or problems.
 this dress fit me perfectly. and it was $8.00. EIGHT DOLLARS! the pictures don't do it justice.
 i tried 8 items for myself. i felt like being brave considering the prices. i kept 2. everything was in great condition. most items were too big or just not my style.
 dane told me he looked like a cowboy. his two shirts fit him perfectly.
when we were done playing dress up, i packed up the items that didn't workout. i logged into my thredup account. i followed the directions to the returns page. a page pops up with all your items and you select which ones are being returned and the reasons why. then you hit print and three pages print out. the return slip you place in your box and a mailing label. there is a charge of $8.99 for return shipping. i felt like $8.99 was worth the experience. and i would have paid way more than $8 for that black dress.
you can also pick free return shipping and store credit instead of a refund.

i was pretty thrilled with my experience with thredup. everyone walked away with new treasures and the price was right. 

i will be shopping thredup again... and now you'll know my name brand secret!

if you use my link you will get $10 off your first purchase.

{i did not write this post for anything other than sharing a great thing}

Friday, July 3, 2015

a beautiful butterfly

he was the easiest baby boy. compared to his sister.

he turned one. he turned challenging. he didn't find it necessary to conform to a sleep schedule. he didn't want anything to do with the right foods, or food groups for that matter. and he cried. and he cried and cried and cried. and i was sure something was really wrong with him. and every doctor's appointment said otherwise.

he is naughty at preschool. he frequents time out. he is a boy. lots of jumping. lots of arms and legs everywhere. lots of noise. he has the highest pitch scream known to mankind. but now that i think about it, we don't hear it as often.

i see baby steps in the right direction during these long summer days. as he happily floats around a friend's pool on his noodle. when he catches butterflies. in the moment he tells me why we do not kill bumble bees. when he sees trash on the ground he will tell me it makes his heart sad.

yesterday i watched him button his shorts. he didn't know i was watching or surely he would have waddled over and asked me to do it. he tried four times. he got it. then he pushed his belly out to see if he could pop the button open. i smiled. i know how to do that same trick.

i praised him afterwards. i told him i liked how he didn't give up. he looked at my face.

'mommy, you are smiling because i buttoned my showrts.'

i am. you are a good boy for trying all by yourself. that makes mommy happy.

that night i tucked him in and he counted ten hugs and one kiss and said:

'mommy, you are happy because i caught a beautiful butterfly and i buttoned my showrts'

that's right dane.

he has become a sensitive little soul watching our faces and catching beautiful butterflies. those beautiful butterflies are colorless moths. in his eyes that doesn't matter.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Favorites

a few of my 2014 favorites.

favorite girls 
favorite memory 

 favorite picture
 favorite place
 new favorite restaurant: whisknladle la jolla
favorite trip
 favorite 4th of july
 favorite professional accomplishment: the day i got the job
 favorite "mommy" accomplishment: potty training Dane
favorite view
favorite place to shop: target
favorite find... each and everyday
favorite quilt
favorite husband... still ;)
favorite time of the year
favorite santa picture