Monday, August 22, 2016

i haven't blogged in an entire year. i did plenty of reading and writing during that time. i finished my master's degree in elementary reading and literacy. it was an accomplishment, a team effort that was challenging for the entire family. i am hoping my little people remember very little about eating cereal for dinner and mommy hiding out in her room writing papers.

Blog your heart:

1. i am back at work. i have 29 kindergartners. you never realize how far you move a class until you have to start over again. in june i am happy to say goodbye. always. in august i desperately miss those people i said goodbye to. it is a strange profession.

2. i started going to yoga 4 days a week. i feel exponentially better about myself, my body, my life.

3. i am exactly where i want to be. right this second. that makes me happy.