Thursday, December 5, 2013


he's kinda sorta super hard right now.
{i wonder if they'll ever read these posts?!}

cries a lot. he's not really into sharing or speaking. he loves to scream and hit. he's a carb lover extraordinaire.

he wants daddy. and acts like i'm the evil step-mother during preschool drop off. he screams and says 'no' at pick-up.

he loves his FOUR blankies. and carries them around. and screams because the pile is too big to manage. he rubs the tags. shreds the edges. 

he loves his stuffed animal turtle. and the rocking horse motorcycle. he rides it before bed and screams when we peel him off. 

he loves to look at books. and dance. he loves being outside. he wants to hold the chickens. and feed them dried meal worms. he loves curious george, sesame street, and the cat in the hat. 

he's a wild card. good thing he's cute!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


is so easy and FUN right now. she can get dressed. wash her hands and face. tell us what she wants and needs. she draws and colors. she wants to wear dresses and skirts... even on rainy days.

she quotes movies and makes us laugh. she helps dane take off his shoes. she opens the door for him. comforts him when he falls. she reports his 'time-outs' at school. and skates around the subject when she's had a seat herself.

she wants a treat after school. she loves nearly the exact same foods as we do. she'll eat brusselsprouts and broccoli. she likes hot chocolate and cinnamon toast.

she misses people. she likes to make cards for gg and papa. she loves scissors and glue sticks. she can write the letter 'm' and 'a'. she loves sharpies... just like me!

i'm just really loving this stage. dane... totally different blog post! ;)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

october... in pictures

i felt like october was a series of pumpkin patch trips mixed with san elijo. perfect. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

from the hen house

we started off with these six sweet little things. we knew gender was a gamble. little did i know the odds were waaaay against me. 
henrietta was a favorite. a blue egg layer.
and ruby became my personal fav. with the frizzled feathers and bossy attitude what's not to love?
and then... noises. lots of terrible rooster-esq noises started happening in the wee hours of the morning. i diligently took pictures of my 'girls' and posted them on i quickly learned that of my six chicks, all six were roosters. ALL.SIX. disappointment is and was an understatement. 
i visited the chicken lady another two times to sort and trade and evaluate this dilemma. i even tried convincing ryan to keep the roosters. but roosters don't lay eggs. and roosters wake you up in the wee hours. as does dane. but we can't trade him in. although moo has suggested it. 

four months later...
this is our flock. not a single original chick. 
note to self: when buying fancy breeds, buy the pullets. 
{and that auto-sexed sussex chick that was guaranteed to be a hen... she was also a boy. yeah.}

 chickens like cheese. who knew!?
and now we wait. eggs should be making an appearance soon.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

i'm still alive...

i've taken a little break from this. i worked full time while she enjoyed the last weeks of her maternity leave. i guess i started my blogging hiatus long before the full time thing even happened. maybe in anticipation of the change. 

anyways... i'm here. alive and well. mostly to announce the survival of those 8 weeks of full time first grade, full time mom, wife, and all those other things i am... or not. 

we did family pictures a few weeks ago. the best part was it was a two second walk from our house. this glorious field is my view. it changes with the seasons... which is a slight rarity in san diego. 

i saved my favorites {unseen} for my christmas card. which, now that i'm back to part time, have been ordered and received. 

breathing room is back. and it feels goooooooood. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

san elijo july 2013

i'm not sure if it's growth or we've changed our expectations... but this was a really good trip. they've finally gotten the memo... beaches are for sitting and digging and playing. there were no fears of flies or seaweed or sand {that was especially fun}. watching them plop down and dig made my heart swell with happiness. it was dane in the water with ryan. it was the long walks down the beach exploring. 

we made trips to the park. and practiced self-control at VGs. we saw friends and played with cousins. we had pizza port and bonfires. 

it was simple. and sweet. and happy.

a year ago we made this same trip. and it wasn't all of those things. it was actually so hard i wanted to be done. i'm glad he didn't let me give up. so glad.