Monday, December 31, 2012

{favorite things} of 2012

some of my favorite things and memories of 2012:
{my favorite app}
(is still instagram) but my NEW favorite is waze. it is a navigation app that talks to you while you drive. it also alerts you of camera lights, police, and accidents. and since my car navigation seems to be on a mission to get me more lost... this app has been a life saver.

{my favorite home item}
the living room area rug from they have big sales. we bought it for 75% off and free shipping. i couldn't find a big rug anywhere for the price we paid.
{my favorite hobby of 2012}
{my favorite quilting accomplishment this year}
C Man's birthday quilt.
{favorite movie of 2012}
The Hunger Games or The Lucky One. worst movie The Grey. 

{favorite overall accomplishment of 2012}
potty training that snarky girl.

{favorite shoe boot}
{favorite trip}
vegas with family and friends... and no kids. like none at all. 
{favorite event}
well... a tie between D's first birthday and auntie M's gender reveal baby shower.

p.s. it is a ... BOY!

{favorite witch, shark, and pumpkin}


Saturday, December 29, 2012

as the dust settles

{a christmas round up}

it was pretty exciting this year. moo was old enough to be excited... about presents, NOT santa. all she wanted were 'pink things' and a 'pink goat' at one point.

so... a pink dollhouse seemed appropriate. 
 and some pink boots from her grandma.
there were magical moments... and more snarky moments than any mother would like to admit. 
it's as if she sensed it was the most spectacular day of the year... and decided to fight it.
 we did lots of traveling and eating and baby wrangling. 
and now... we've settled in and are enjoying our new found treasures. 
D prefers his old faithfuls. after opening all the new stuff christmas morning, he walked straight over to the toy box and pulled out his much loved items. 
my favorite... their fishing sets. made by hand by their loving auntie M.
they made out like bandits. we're going through old toys to donate. 
 and of course... eating treats... at 10am. it really is the most magical time of the year. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

have yourself a... happy little birthday

although... it's not so little. the big three zero. he is 30. a grown up. but... his brother would say he's been a grown up since he was 12. 

15 years ago my heart skipped a beat when i noticed him. as in stared into la la land during biology noticed him. he was a baby. so was i. 

today he is the best version of himself. he's smarter. he's braver. he's my favorite. 

ask anyone who really knows him and they will agree... he's just straight up a good guy. nothing up his sleeve, no ulterior motives, authentic and genuine. makes a deal with a handshake. keeps his word. in all areas of his life. 

i couldn't be prouder. or more fortunate to have him by my side. 

happy birthday sweet boy. 


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

elf on a shelf 2012 {week 1}

his name is noddles. she came up with that herself while eating dinner. and maybe because she had a little pile of noodles on her plate. ryan wanted his name to be elvis. luckily it's not. 

{day 1}
she found him happily brushing his teeth... with her toothbrush.

he was eating honey nut joe O's. 

he seems to want a pirate ship for christmas. she loved that he was sitting in her chair.

using the frog potty and a little light reading.  

noodles LOVES see's candy like gg, mama, and moo!

he found a tasty ornament. he loves the christmas tree.

roasting marshmallows... and one lucky girl helped him eat them up. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

hard realities

eating cookie dough, NOT running or even walking, indulging in nightly bowls of ice cream will not magically keep you in the state you worked so hard to get in. and i hate this reality. i hate it, i hate it, i hate it.

so... after a painful conversation with someone i love dearly. who told me the truth. who normally does not... {and this was me asking a lot of questions. and him kindly answering}

i will face the facts now.

again... i hate it, i hate it, i hate it. but i know better. so now i will strap on those running shoes and do better.

{today i took them for a long, hard walk. and it was hard. and i will have to do it again tomorrow. blah.}

Monday, December 3, 2012

santa 2012

i'm having mixed feelings about our santa experience. a little bit of mommy guilt for clearly torturing BOTH of them. and a little bit of... someday they'll laugh. i hope?

moo was on the fence in line. i kept telling her she was getting a treat from santa. when she peeked into the little house she turned and was ready to take off. i had to pick her up. she let out a blood curdling scream. which we hear very rarely. lots of whining daily... but not this scream. then nizzy started crying. and i looked at ryan with panic in my heart.

santa calmly told me to set them down. i did. this is what we saw.
i felt like i earned the 'parent of the year' award. you know... those emails with pictures of terrible parental choices. perhaps ryan and i are the new poster child for 2012 edition.