Friday, December 30, 2011


i would consider myself a foodie. as best explained by the urban dictionary:
'A person that spends a keen amount of attention and energy on knowing the ingredients of food, the proper preparation of food, and finds great enjoyment in top-notch ingredients and exemplary preparation. 
A foodie is not necessarily a food snob, only enjoying delicacies and/or food items difficult to obtain and/or expensive foods; though, that is a variety of foodie.'

i love food. i think i love it more than the average person. i think about it all day everyday. it reroutes my drive home, it changes the places i shop, it is {almost} my most favorite thing to talk about. 

nursing a baby makes food even more fun. since my body is burning all these sinful calories making milk, i eat almost anything i want. it's going to be a hard habit to kick. i feel zero guilt preparing a meal with lots of butter and oil and sides and dessert. lots of dessert.  

lately i have been inspired by auntie m. she nearly cooks everything from scratch. from blueberry muffins to beef wellington and everything in between. this is where my true 'foodie-ness' comes into play. i think homemade- from scratch meals, treats, snacks are under appreciated. in a time where you can buy anything pre-made, it's rare to find someone cooking something genuine. something homemade. something good. I appreciate a homemade from scratch item so very much. especially now that i'm a mom and time is sacred. 

i take great pride in my from scratch items. especially my coconut cupcakes from ina garten. if ever a bogart there was, it would be me with these cupcakes. it's almost as if they could only be appreciated by other foodies, someone turned off by an overly frosted vons cupcake. i'm sorry... if you love a cupcake that coats your mouth in an oily residue, then you can not have one of mine. if you inhale your food then you can not have one of mine. 

i am proud of my cooking skills. i am proud to call myself a foodie. i am thankful there are people as obsessed with food as i am. i wish my babies didn't have 'mom's meal is ready~ i need her RIGHT NOW' radar.

pizza port... one of my favorite reasons to camp at san elijo state beach

Thursday, December 29, 2011

have a holly jolly christmas

christmas this year was FUN! I think ryan and I were more excited than the snark. she didn't really know what was happening, but she did get in the spirit. the month was jam packed with excitement. being on maternity leave made it extra special.

I made cookies. weekly.

it took about two weeks to decorate the house. baby D requires breast milk... often. moo requires attention. it was a slow process. slower than any other year.

we visited santa. moo wasn't having it. my brother and mom were my entourage. i need one whenever i go out. i try to out number the babies. i have yet to work up the courage to do ANYTHING alone.

we went to san elijo for ryan's birthday. we ate cookies from vg's. we went on walks. i was envious of the homes adorn with christmas lights and decor. i want to live here.

we had a memorable christmas morning. moo was good. i was nervous she would be grouchy. i was nervous i would be grouchy. i didn't want to ruin christmas morning for myself. i was genuinely happy and excited. ryan got his impact tool. moo received many fun treasures. baby D slept in his swing.

santa brought her a mercedes. and a cozy coupe.

we are blessed. i am thankful. mostly for my husband.

what I would say to my 16 year old self

that boy you love... he loves you back. he is as sweet and genuine as they come. don't worry... it will work out. even that tiny rough patch in college.

these people you are worried about (the 'cool' kids) don't.even.matter... not one bit. they disappear after high school. who you are doesn't. don't fret over them. they're not as cool as they look anyways.

she won't be your best friend anymore. it will be hard. it will feel like a break up. you will make new friends. strong, fabulous, inspiring friends that you will want to share your life with.

you will finish college just fine. you will complete the credential program too. you will find a job your first year. don't let the naysayers worry you. on that note... you worry too much, but that's just never going to change.

treat your brothers better. you love them more than you think. they love you. one day you will miss one immensely. these are the days to build memories.

lastly, you can probably be a smidge more relaxed. ditch school. an A is an A... who cares if it's a 97% or a 92%... stop studying and go do something fun. your SAT scores don't really matter in the end... don't let that number bother you.

Friday, December 23, 2011

As I Blink

HE :)
he is BIG. he is 13 weeks today. he is 17 pounds. he is hungry. ALL.THE.TIME. he has long eyelashes. he bats them at me while he nurses. he's a flirt. he has me wrapped around his finger.

he is happy. he coos, smiles, and laughs. he loves faces. he wants to talk. he watches his sis. he smells good. he likes baths. he likes his vibrating chair. he likes the car. he loves his binkie.

he has a fan club. she is number one. he is loved by all girls it seems. he looks right into your eyes. he communicates. he is handsome. he is wiggly. he loves to sleep right next to me.

he is loved.
he is adored actually. he is easy going like his dad. he is easy to be with. he is a joy. he is my guy.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

As of Today

SHE :)
she is smart. she is funny. she is starting to understand humor. she laughs. she loves her brother. she LOVES her daddy. she knows how to say 'applesauce'.

she likes TV. she watches Sesame Street. she mostly adores Abby and Aldo (Elmo). she watches Curious George and Baby Signing Time. she signs 'more' when it the show is over. she loves watching 'Yo' (Yo Gaba Gaba) at her gg's house. she rearranges the remotes. she highjacks the TV. she screams louder than YOUR show.

she loves to draw. she decorates Christmas cards. she stays on the paper. she likes to use pen and marker. she is careful. she is patient.

she has bangs. she has her aunty aleicha to cut them for her. she rarely looks at the camera long enough to snap a picture. she doesn't like her hair brushed. she doesn't mind it being shampooed.

she is loved.
she is loved by me. she is loved by her daddy. she is loved by her aunts and uncles, her grandparents. she is loved by our friends. she makes our lives fun and rich and happy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let's celebrate

D is 12 weeks and 4 days (who's keeping track?) Tonight we are going out withOUT the kiddos. I am pumped. This will be our first night out and we are leaving them with our trustworthy family. And... they will be 5 minutes down the street, which eases my mind greatly.

Here's hoping I can find something flattering, unstained, and festive. Wish us luck.

Where are you Christmas... why can't I feel you... (tune from the Grinch soundtrack)

It almost doesn't feel like Christmas this year without the corny school musical songs stuck on 'repeat' in my head. I'm on maternity leave. Sweet, sweet- don't get out of your jammies 'til 10 maternity leave. I love it. I am trying my hardest to love every minute of it and soak up the lazy days and slow mornings filled with Sesame Street, luke warm coffee, showers with the Moo, pony tails and pajamas.

Maternity leave nearly started in summer. I went back to school for a measly two weeks in August and was whisked back to my cozy home. A perfect transition. Any teacher will tell you that the last days of summer are sad. And I wasn't ready to venture back into the world of kids and leave my favorite kid behind. It was nice only finding ten maternity work outfits before I could get back into my 'summer' comfies. A combination of Target yoga pants and Old Navy tanks tops stretched to the max.

So as my maternity leave draws to an end, I can't help but think about what's happening at work, what the Christmas performance sounded like this year, and of course, the dreaded transition back. Until then I will soak up all the baby smells, the long lazy days, and the happiness that fills my heart knowing that I am building their foundations.