Sunday, April 29, 2012

a change of pace

although i'm a bit weepy at the fact that our infant isn't so much an infant anymore, i am happy to be rounding this corner. and as i have said before, it's such a double edge sword. you want it and you don't.
my former life feels not so far away these days. i can see it. maybe even feel it. we are doing things again that make me happy. really, really happy. simple things.

we are watching movies again. put babies to bed. get dessert. and cozy up. and we watch these movies in ENTIRETY without re-binking a boy 13 times. this makes me happier than i should admit. but this was my former life. a part that i really enjoyed. and missed.

i'm going to bed and waking before them {most nights}. oh thank you lord. such a game changer.

i've been getting a little alone time. trips to target and trader joe's without kids. little outings with auntie m. and even a little more crafting time. i try my very best to balance this with all my duties and push the mommy guilt to the very back of my brain.

we're outside more. niz loves it outside and thus he is quiet and happy for what seems like forever. no crying baby makes me giddy.
work is feeling a little less like work and more fun. the feeling of 'drowning' feels more like 'treading water'... with maybe a side ache. i'm starting to feel confident in the world of firsties. {until someone, who is six, throws a wrench in the mix and leaves me dumbfounded.}
i guess it's also the beautiful spring weather and hopefulness of a potty trained child that feels so refreshing.
here's to happy days ahead. and a summer countdown. oh... i did vow to stop counting things down and to just live for today... but taking a countdown {to summer!} away from a teacher is like taking the stethoscope away from a doctor. te he!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

she's two

two years ago we met her.
and now we know her.
she's a social creature. but doesn't do very well with sharing... yet. 
she throughly enjoyed the snow this year. and being outside. always has.
she's become a great communicator with a comical vocabulary.
she loves sesame street and can name all the characters. she even has bert and ernie figured out. i can never seem to remember which is which.
i am impressed with her fine motor skills.
she knows how things work and where they go. she's methodical and patient.
and artistic. she wants to 'draw' anytime i'm making a list. she draws 'happy' and 'tiny baby' and accidentally made a dolphin that really looked like a dolphin.
she still calls food 'gaga' and asks for it all day. she's a good eater. she is fond of 'cake'. {angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream} she has eagle eyes in the pantry. i have to hide treats otherwise she asks for them for breakfast. and cries when i say no.

she gets her own silverware out of the drawer. drinks water with every meal. and sometimes holds a toy.
she had an early birthday celebration at her papa mark's. when we finished singing to her she said, 'mo happy birthday'.

she's brave. and demanding. and assertive. 
she loves lotion. she thinks sunscreen is lotion. therefore she loves sunscreen. i'm thankful my mom created that addiction. 
she says 'run' during walks. ryan and i look at each other and laugh. and tell her we're too old. and she screams.

and him... she adores him. she has yet to be mean to him. never a sign if jealously. never a hint of resentment. she's worried when he cries. touches him softly. gives him toys and binkies and blankets. {as long as she already has hers} when she sees him in the morning she says 'oh D, D, ohhhhhhh D' in this funny high pitched squeaky voice she recently created.
she still eats in her high chair. sleeps in her crib. she showers with me. bathes with bubbles. she lets you dress her. screams over hair brushing. loves shoes. is highly addicted to her blanket. her pillow {as seen in most pictures} and her binky.
oh... and bubbles. she lives for bubbles. 
and her 'pretty house'.  

she's still signing certain words. making sentences. she'll ask you if you're alright. she loves her gg's cat spooky and her pug twyla. she's into the movie Babe... or as she calls it 'pig movie'. 

she reads her books. sings and hums. her memory is sharp and she likes things a certain way. we always start our trader joe's grocery trip with a banana. one habit i am proud to share. others... not so much ;)

and she still holds the title 'snarky princess' for a few very good reasons.

she is happy and healthy and thriving. and that is all any mother can ask for.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 months

he is 7 months old.
he is manly enough to sport a pink binky.
he reads warning labels.
sleeps through the night. {insert HUGE smiley face here} and in the car.
hangs in the jumperoo. watches his sister busy herself upstairs.
holds toys. nuzzles blankets. and pulls hair. sister has been pinned to the floor a time or two.
oh and he smiles. a big happy smile. unless teething, he is a happy little soul. 
he has one tooth. his bottom left. and it was an unpleasant experience. teething rash and all. {i recommend NOT googling 'torso rash'. images of german measles make for panic attacks.} 
he is officially blond. and rolling everywhere.
he wants to do everything his dad does. 
he's inquisitive. and curious. and wants to see everything.
he adores being outside.
and being with mama. he's making lots of new noises. he watches us intently as we chat.
he wants to touch your face. especially when you talk to him. or while trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep. and his nails seem to be sharp seconds after cutting them. it feels like i am constantly cutting finger and toe nails around here.
he likes to get into the holiday spirit. my goal for him... never grow up to be a grinchy old man. never.
he still makes his baby lamb sound when he's happy.
and he can raise his eyebrows and it makes me smile. 
he's coziest in a lap. 
and a water beetle.
he's the best 7 month old i know.

Monday, April 16, 2012

he is...

my favorite. and this is why:

while she burrows under pillows, he dives onto the bed and joins in on the fun.

he does somersaults. and teaches her the proper technique.

he shows her how to use the maglight. he turns off the lights. makes hand puppets. all instead of snatching it away.

they look for frogs. catch frogs. and he saves frogs from eager little hands.

when he finds her fully submerged in a mud puddle, he leaves her. and watches. and allows her to throw it on the pug. because it makes her laugh. hysterically.

then he makes a bucket of soapy water. and washes her clothes. and shoes. and comes into the house with tiny mud handprints around his neck. and she's smiling.

he makes her cream of wheat. and they eat it.

he tells him about guns. and cars. and boats. already.

he sings. and dances. and acts silly. really silly.

he is diligent about sunscreen. and brushing teeth. and hair. and making her laugh. daily.

and he calls to check up on us. and his first question is always... always 'how are my babies?' and it makes my heart swell up.
and he never tires of getting on the floor. and acting as a human jungle gym.

of all the years i have know him, i have never seen him more calm. patient. sweet. or in love... with someone other than me of course ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012


time with tiny humans is strange. it's bittersweet. because it's hard. and simple. it's fun. and it's challenging. it's invigorating and it's exhausting.

in some moments i can't hurry time enough. i want it to be over. i want it to end. {teething at 2 am for example}.

and in the next moment my heart hurts to watch time pass. i want it to freeze. never let another second go by.

i once heard someone say, 'don't wish your life away'. and i try to keep that in the forefront of my mind. i try to be patient. in the moment. i try to breath it all in. remember ever detail. enjoy the experience.

but it's hard. it's hard to be selfless. patient. present.

and so i just try my best. but some nights i go to bed. and feel guilty. and i remind myself that tomorrow is a new day. tomorrow i will try harder.

and in mere months, i will look back at this stage with great fondness. and surely my heart will ache. and wish for nothing more than these 'simple times'.

my eyes are teary.

Friday, April 13, 2012


at first i didn't get it. what's the point? and what exactly are we 'pinning'? even my iphone app was all glitchy. i was just irritated.

well... i surely figured it out. i made my boards. started following some cool friends. and now i pin. daily.

here's what i have made via pinterest... so far ;) 

the granny quilt

homemade finger paint

 i spy

 {she was mad i wouldn't open it}

roman shades

twill labels

pinterest... i get it now.