Monday, October 22, 2012

i know this little boy

wiggles to the music
likes loud noises

who refuses to walk or eat bananas

who throws toys. who throws food.
kicks and
occasionally bites

who has a scream that is unbearably loud
painful at times

and who:
wants what she has
loves the tub
adores his dad

Sunday, October 21, 2012

heaven in a cup

since i do not have a starbucks close enough. and because at over $4.00 a cup {more than a gallon of milk} i searched pinterest for the perfect pumpkin spice latte recipe. i found many. tried a few. sticking with one.
this one:

homemade pumpkin syrup:
1.5 c water
1.5 c sugar
2 tbsp pumpkin spice {target - spice aisle}
3 tbsp pumpkin {trader joe's organic canned}

combine water and sugar. heat until sugar has dissolved. add pumpkin spice and canned pumpkin. whisk together. do not let boil.

this makes about 20 oz of syrup. plenty to last for however long it lasts.

2-4 tbsp strong coffee {target brand archer farms pumpkin flavor is fun}
6-8 tbsp milk, very hot
2 tbsp homemade pumpkin syrup
whipped cream {i currently am out... but it would be even more heavenly}


{my syrup is now in the fridge ready for a week of morning happiness}
and... it drinks like a milkshake. probably has the calories of one too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


goodbye jumperoo. goodbye swing. they are officially off to be enjoyed by a new family. a new baby. i have long awaited this day. a day to clear a few things out.

and then... as i walked by that spot upstairs, where the lines are still in the rug, i stopped. and i looked at it. and i felt a sense of panic come over me. and tears. how are my babies done with that? how are my babies this big? how is that already gone?

and i sat down and wanted to cry. {okay... i did} and not because it is gone. we haven't used it in months. but because we just keep moving forward. and in the craziness and chaos i feel like it's passing me by. like it's almost too hard to enjoy.

i say things to myself like... 'phew... i survived that day'. and that week. and that month. and now i'm looking around saying... stop.

i worry that this is going to keep happening.

and deep down i already know it is.