Friday, September 28, 2012

i always want to remember

i always want to remember...

the day i picked her up from preschool and she introduced me to her friend 'maggot'. i did everything humanly possible to react like a grown up. if that's even possible. the teacher gently rephrased her name. it's maddix.

the way she will stop and look at me. and tell me she misses daddy.
i always want to remember...

the way nizzy pounds his feet in his crib. right above our bedroom. and the day ryan said... 'he's like Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories.' and i laughed so hard i cried.

the way he convinces most every female in trader joe's to stop and talk to him. and then gets all shy and puts his head down.
i always want to remember...

the sound of them laughing together in the backseat. in the bathtub. on the floor with ryan.

Friday, September 21, 2012

craft fair

Sept. 29th

i will be here. as well as my sister-in-law and mama. excited to show off some of our treasures.

interactive baby quilts
crayon holders

more quilts
 camera strap covers
 pouf pillows for kids
decorative pillow slip covers

there will be other handmade goodies to enjoy as well. 
so... if you need me... that's where i'll be :)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

365 days ago

365 days ago this was us. newly in love. excited. terrified. 

he was doing a lot of this.
we were sneaking a lot of these.
i was busy making a lot of this.

she was busy doing a lot of this.

and today... we are {dare i say} settled. we know his likes and dislikes. what those various squawks mean. how to make him laugh. 

we know he loves his sister. and when daddy gets home. he would prefer to live off of graham crackers. he is not allergic to strawberries or cow's milk. we have yet to try peanut butter. 

we know he loves to throw things. kick. he is happy in the bath. and not so happy in the car. 

he is one.  
happy birthday to our nizzybot nizzypirate.

pirate party


homemade party favors


stamps {JoAnn's} 
stickers {Target}
photo props {etsy}
cupcake festivities {tj maxx}
shirts {Triton Imaging}
accessories {Target}
treasure dig


the guest of honor

big sis
7am conversation as she's being taken out of her crib:
'guess what!? today is nizzy's pirate party!'
'i love cupcakes'

tattoos from gg

us <3

fish tacos!

hungry baby

jumpy fun

jello cups with Swedish fish

enjoying the breezy day

photo props


handsome pirates 

birthday boy

he devoured it...

presents for him

presents for her

adorable cards

adorable bags

my adorable boys

girl pirates 

post nap jumpy fun
did you know birthday parties are extra fun when one kid is asleep?

happy boy

happy husband