Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the color run

i signed up for my very first run. the color run in san diego. i was browsing pinterest when i stumbled upon it. so i promptly texted some people and without really thinking about it, hit submit.

so... feeling all motivated and such, i decided to do my loftiest run yet. the descanso loop. i normally watch the time on my little step counter. and when i hit 20 minutes quit. well... today was all about distance. the color run is 3 miles. so... i need to practice running three miles.

here's how it went:
mile one was fine. i've done this. i was able to look around and enjoy the sights.

at 1.4 miles i starting using a little profanity. like... wtf... i've only gone 1.4 miles? this is madness. and all this roadkill is gross.

the 1.6 mile mark was an uphill climb. my butt literally felt like it weighted 300 pounds. my legs were so heavy {mind you... it was uphill... but still} and my body was screaming STOP.

the two mile mark got the best of me. i could not lift my legs high enough to jog. i had to walk. i was bummed... but that's silly. i've just started this running nonsense and i have plenty of time to practice.

during the walking section i thought about getting in the fetal position. hoping ryan would eventually look at the clock and come searching for me. i thought about stopping at a house and calling home. i wanted to cut across the field. but there were bulls. and barbed wire fences.

i thought about the kids at school. those kids who walk so incredibly slow. when they're doing their warm up lap. i was that kid. i was sweating. and panting. but i was just about that speed.

on the final stretch... where i could see our house... i ran. the last half mile. i closed my eyes and dug deep. the wind picked up and that helped.

i ran 3.4 miles in 53 minutes. who knows how good or bad this is. i don't really care. it's my reality.

i opened the gate. threw myself on the lawn. peeled my shoes off and listened to my heart race.

i hobbled into the house to find two babies in the tub. my dinner in the microwave.

my sweet reward was inhaling my food and reading blogs while listening to ryan and moo sing.

Monday, July 30, 2012

a new chapter {part two ~ exercise}

click here to read {part one - diet}

after getting my diet in check {ummm... no you can't have dessert after breakfast} i decided to throw in that critical exercise part. i dragged my feet. made excuses. hoped the decrease in sugar alone would be enough. but... it wasn't.

so... i just went for it. i'm a swimmer. and we don't have a pool. and i don't have a nanny so i can go to a pool. so... now i'm a novice... like super novice... runner/jogger/walker/hobbler.

we started walking after dinner. at first, just a few days a week. then one morning i tried running down the street. and i nearly had a heart attack. then i tried it again. and it didn't hurt so much. and i started sweating. and seeing results. and now i try my very best to work some sort of exercise into every.single.day.

i am:

walking with babies {at least 1 hour}

running/jogging for 20-30 minutes WITHOUT stopping
{i even did this in vegas at the gym!}
bike riding with the family

swimming... when i get really lucky

every minute i'm moving is an upgrade from what i was doing 2 months ago. it's also time i'm not being tempted to eat something!

and by fitting into something worn long, long ago... i get yet another round of motivation. i also get lots of inspiring texts from my partner in crime and husband. 


Sunday, July 29, 2012

a new chapter {part one ~ diet}

i'm done having babies. i'm done looking like i HAD babies. {and there's a part of me that wants people to think i'm the nanny}
i am ready for the new chapter.

so i've been making some changes. both with diet and exercise. here's what i'm up to:

{part one - diet}

while pregnant with niz, i had some high blood sugar readings. i had to change my diet. at the time it felt earth shattering. today it feels more like a blessing. and a major teachable moment. i have used what i learned from my nutritionist to change my diet.

at first i was using the myfitnesspal app. when it become more of 'my.worst.enemy.app.you.are.becoming.neurotic' i stopped. it was making me feel bad. i would go into the red and feel discouraged. so i stopped. i don't want to micromanage my diet. i don't want to micromanage anything.

but here's roughly what i live by:
1. pair your carbs with protein. 15 carbs = 7 grams of protein
this keeps your blood sugar level stable. less highs and lows.         {less... oh my god i'm starving... stuff your face with whatever you can grab first}

2. eat from the earth. less processed. less crap.


{i am a trader joe's fanatic. 99% of my items are from trader joe's. TJ's items are free from high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and preservatives}

kashi go lean cereal- this flavor
or a trader joe's english muffin and two morning star sausage patties
or fage greek yogurt {the one with jellied fruit}
or two scrambled eggs and one piece of toast

for me, it's all about the protein. 

10:30 snack:

7 crackers and one slice of cheese
or any piece of fruit and cheese
or fage greek yogurt, if i didn't have it for breakfast
or a luna bar


pre-made trader joe's salad
or trader joe's frozen french onion soup
or canned soup
or left over dinner
or half a sandwich
or in&out burger and fries {no cheese}
and a diet coke or diet dr. pepper 

3:00 snack

fruit and one serving size of nuts
or trail mix
or cottage cheese
or toast with peanut butter
or veggies and cheese


i try to portion control. dinner is really hard for me to make. when i'm throwing in butter and oil and beautiful, fatty meat, i get all worked up about the grand total of the meal. instead of avoiding the meal, i just try to remember to break my plate into three parts.

part one: half the plate - vegetables 
{plain. no butter. no cheese. no salt}
part two: one forth the plate - protein {lean protein}
part three: one forth the plate - starch/carb 
{brown rice. whole grain pasta. corn... yes, corn is a starch... not a veggie :( or potato}

if i can't break the meal into the three categories, than i try to avoid it. like spaghetti. the entire plate being covered by noodles breaks all the rules.


luna bar
one graham cracker and trader joe's cocoa almond spread
and of course occasional treats {Menchies froyo}
or two pieces of see's candies

i really look for the protein. if it doesn't have it, or i don't want to add it {like... eat some ice cream but then you have to have a piece of cheese... yuck!} then i don't eat it.

i've also been getting out the measuring cups and REALLY measuring. 

i drink diet soda {only one a day}, water, and ice tea. i try not to drink my calories. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


i'm loving pinterest. for one reason alone. meal ideas. i know how to cook. pretty well i think. but most days i have a show down with my kitchen. i fight dinner planning all day. like a meal is randomly going to appear or something. i guess my main problem is... what sounds good at 8 am {to thaw} sounds terrible at 4 when it's time to cook. or go out. or beg ryan for take out.

so... pinterest has been a saving grace this summer. it inspires me. even if it's not a new meal, but simply a picture that triggers a memory of a meal i once made. memory loss... it's my newest 'post baby' trick i've mastered. ummm... scary!

i've actually been inspired by aunt m. she has this handy little note pad on her fridge that says what they are eating every day of the week. i do this... sometimes. and it's great. until we are invited to dinner and change up the week. then i panic about that meat in the fridge. throw everything in the freezer. and am back to the original dilemma. neurotic... yes.

now this meal was inspired by pinterest.

grilled cheese on sourdough with avocado and tomato. it reminded me of a restaurant sandwich. 
{i think it would be over-the-top delicious with bacon}

perhaps spelling out my meal here, for next week, will help me. and maybe you will be inspired to make something new. or give me suggestions.

monday- hamburger pie... also known as shepherd's pie.

tuesday- salmon, asparagus, brown rice

wednesday- naan bread pizza, salad

thursday- beef tacos

friday- cobb salad

okay... we shall see. i desperately need to hit trader joe's... so now i have a game plan.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

viva las vegas

my parents were kind enough to offer to watch the kids when my sister-in-law/friend/baby wrangler suggested we make a trip for my brother's birthday. we jumped at the chance. between potty training, binky withdrawals, and work... we wanted a mini vacay. we made the reservations months in advance with none other than william shatner... the priceline negotiator and counted down the days. 

oddly enough, when the day actually arrived, all that excitement turned into a ball of worry. all the 'what ifs' kept circling my mind as we drove further and further from the house. eventually enough conversation distracted me. and the fun factor clicked in. 
i left my parents copious notes. the true teacher in me just feels better when i've done this. and it's not to be neurotic/controlling or doubtful of their abilities. just helpful.  
i soaked him in all day.
we loaded the car. 
set the navigation. {p.s. ... how did people survive before navigation? AND... how do i still get lost?}
and took off.

we stayed at The Trump. william really hooked us up. i absolutely loved the hotel. best part... no casino = no smoking. it smelled bleachy clean. my favorite smell. 

only drawback... the conditioner. not strong enough for my hair. 

and... the jackhole who set the alarm clock to go off on their next unsuspecting victim at 4:30am. considering this was exactly 2 hours into that nights sleep. 

otherwise... perfection.
we ate at the Hash House.
my favorite part of this meal was when ryan ordered tater tots and the napoleon dynamite antics ensued. 

we walked. and chatted. 
our room had a cool view. 

we admired the cosmopolitan hotel and ate their brunch.

we had an experienced tour guide who took us to old las vegas. 
we made our own cocktails for the pool. it saved us a small fortune. and the hotel staff never made a peep.
my new workout routine/eating plan made getting into a swimsuit fun... or maybe that was the drinks.

this guy was super fun. and hot.

ryan and i had dinner alone one night and went to the Grand Lux. it's owned by the Cheesecake Factory and it was heaven. especially this cake.
we roamed the palazzo and the venetian. 
and saw phantom of the opera. 
on our way home we stopped by Bass Pro Shops. 

other things worth mentioning:
i learned how to play roulette and won $75.

paul made friends with a 5 and 7 year old from England. he threw them around the pool for hours. i kid you not... the mom sat in her chair while they were flying through the air. {i will probably be that mom in 5 years}
kids from England are very knowledgeable of their metric system.
they've seen the queen in real life. we all spoke to them in an English accent.
when ryan asked them what their mom did for work they said, 'she goes to the gym and works on the computer' ummm... can i move to England?

us girls were invited to the encore beach club... i guess i'm not putting out the 'mom/frump' vibe anymore ;)
bathtub jets make shampoo bubbles grow at an exponential rate.
strawberry rum is delicious. and i am happy to not be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Monday, July 23, 2012


i am in love right now. with the summertime life.

it's full of them :)
and this guy:
his little personality is shinning through now. he's so happy and smiley. and he makes himself laugh. all day long. he's a delight. 
my dad calls him charlie brown. he has the most perfectly round head.

and exercising

now that some old cloths are fitting again, i'm even more inspired.

last minute pinterest meal ideas 
{zucchini stuffed with turkey, onion, spaghetti sauce, and cheese}

her silly antics:

on a target brand graham cracker... hence the exercising thing

summertime is such a happy place for me. especially now that i have kids. my mom always made it special for us... i hope to do the same for them. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

a lake kind of day

we are fortunate to have friends who live in a community that shares a lake. a beautiful lake. and living in the east county of san diego makes this reality even more awesome on hot days.

these trips are simple. and fun. and memorable.

and yummy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

how do you measure success?

once upon a time i would answer this question with things like:
big house

and today... this is how i answer:
the tv was on for ONLY one hour... just ONE! All. day. long.
homemade lunch
homemade dinner
laundry caught up
crayons were used
brisk walk
outside play

the things i value today make me an entirely different person than before. it's hard to wrap my head around. but then again... what's not to love about change.

{disclaimer: i still value those other things. they are just on the back burner right now}