Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY radio flyer shelf

i was browsing pinterest... so clearly i can't take credit for the idea.
but i can show off my version!

here it is... D's new radio flyer shelf.
what we did:
1. i posted on facebook that i was looking for an old metal wagon. {craigslist only had plastic ones}
2. i had a friend respond that she had one for me! thank you S!
3. ryan removed the wheels and handle.
4. he measured and installed two wooden pine pieces for shelves. he rounded the back portion so it fit snuggly {a compression fit my dad recommended}. he also drilled two holes through the back of the wagon in through the wood. 
5. he used the preexisting holes and mounted it onto the wall. best thing... since the wagon is metal, the level stuck right to the side making it easy peasy to level.  
6. here's where i come in again... i found fun things to decorate it with. 


oh... and D loves it. he looked at it, screeched, and continued destroying his room. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013


'he's really coming along'... seems to be my favorite thing to say about him right now. he's happy. he's funny. he has a fluffy little head of hair that i refuse to let ryan cut.

he's walking. he makes monkey noises. he can sign milk, dog, and bye bye.

he eats blueberries, cheese, and fruit snacks. fruits snacks by the pound if i let him.

he steals toys and hugs and little smiles.

he's loud. he loves cars and trucks and trains. if you can't find him, he's on the floor pushing something along.

if you hear sweet little giggles, he's found his dream blanket and is nuzzled deep inside its wrinkles. just like he's nuzzled deep inside my heart.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

christmas cards

photo christmas cards are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. as kids my brothers and i would fight over opening holiday mail. we would lay on our bellies and study the families. excited to see the new details.

naturally, i can't stand the thought of throwing a single photo card in the trash.
this is what i do with them instead:

1. set aside your favorite cards and envelopes {i save envelopes from foreign lands because the postage is so neat}

2. laminate each card {most places like Staples have laminating services. you can also find a laminator pretty cheap on amazon}

3. punch a hole in the corner of each card/envelope

4. add the year

5. add a decorative detail {ribbon, bow, tag}

6. thread items onto a ring {found at target, staples, in your classroom}
stow away with your christmas decorations. come december toss the collection in a basket to display.

i was surprised at how many friends and family hunkered down and studied my assortment. it's also fun to watch the families change as the years go by.
happy crafting!