Sunday, September 16, 2012

365 days ago

365 days ago this was us. newly in love. excited. terrified. 

he was doing a lot of this.
we were sneaking a lot of these.
i was busy making a lot of this.

she was busy doing a lot of this.

and today... we are {dare i say} settled. we know his likes and dislikes. what those various squawks mean. how to make him laugh. 

we know he loves his sister. and when daddy gets home. he would prefer to live off of graham crackers. he is not allergic to strawberries or cow's milk. we have yet to try peanut butter. 

we know he loves to throw things. kick. he is happy in the bath. and not so happy in the car. 

he is one.  
happy birthday to our nizzybot nizzypirate.

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