Sunday, October 21, 2012

heaven in a cup

since i do not have a starbucks close enough. and because at over $4.00 a cup {more than a gallon of milk} i searched pinterest for the perfect pumpkin spice latte recipe. i found many. tried a few. sticking with one.
this one:

homemade pumpkin syrup:
1.5 c water
1.5 c sugar
2 tbsp pumpkin spice {target - spice aisle}
3 tbsp pumpkin {trader joe's organic canned}

combine water and sugar. heat until sugar has dissolved. add pumpkin spice and canned pumpkin. whisk together. do not let boil.

this makes about 20 oz of syrup. plenty to last for however long it lasts.

2-4 tbsp strong coffee {target brand archer farms pumpkin flavor is fun}
6-8 tbsp milk, very hot
2 tbsp homemade pumpkin syrup
whipped cream {i currently am out... but it would be even more heavenly}


{my syrup is now in the fridge ready for a week of morning happiness}
and... it drinks like a milkshake. probably has the calories of one too.

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  1. 2 things, as a former barista. VIA (starbucks instant coffee) works excellent in that 2-4tbs coffee's place, and ALSO, the next time you go to a sbux, check to see if they're still selling ACTUAL pumpkin spice VIA, IF you haven't seen and tried it yet already. ( I haven't so can't say whether it's a good replacement or not. But it might be when you run out of all your ingredients ;-))