Wednesday, January 2, 2013

christmas cards

photo christmas cards are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. as kids my brothers and i would fight over opening holiday mail. we would lay on our bellies and study the families. excited to see the new details.

naturally, i can't stand the thought of throwing a single photo card in the trash.
this is what i do with them instead:

1. set aside your favorite cards and envelopes {i save envelopes from foreign lands because the postage is so neat}

2. laminate each card {most places like Staples have laminating services. you can also find a laminator pretty cheap on amazon}

3. punch a hole in the corner of each card/envelope

4. add the year

5. add a decorative detail {ribbon, bow, tag}

6. thread items onto a ring {found at target, staples, in your classroom}
stow away with your christmas decorations. come december toss the collection in a basket to display.

i was surprised at how many friends and family hunkered down and studied my assortment. it's also fun to watch the families change as the years go by.
happy crafting!

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