Monday, December 31, 2012

{favorite things} of 2012

some of my favorite things and memories of 2012:
{my favorite app}
(is still instagram) but my NEW favorite is waze. it is a navigation app that talks to you while you drive. it also alerts you of camera lights, police, and accidents. and since my car navigation seems to be on a mission to get me more lost... this app has been a life saver.

{my favorite home item}
the living room area rug from they have big sales. we bought it for 75% off and free shipping. i couldn't find a big rug anywhere for the price we paid.
{my favorite hobby of 2012}
{my favorite quilting accomplishment this year}
C Man's birthday quilt.
{favorite movie of 2012}
The Hunger Games or The Lucky One. worst movie The Grey. 

{favorite overall accomplishment of 2012}
potty training that snarky girl.

{favorite shoe boot}
{favorite trip}
vegas with family and friends... and no kids. like none at all. 
{favorite event}
well... a tie between D's first birthday and auntie M's gender reveal baby shower.

p.s. it is a ... BOY!

{favorite witch, shark, and pumpkin}


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  1. your family is PRECIOUS. and um, i want that rug! and those boots!! xoxo