Tuesday, May 7, 2013

i'll do it myself

i've been reading a few blogs promoting stitch fix. i was intrigued. i signed up. waited. and when they were finally ready for me... i was not. 
i had been stalking stitch fix review blogs. these girls get a little kick back if someone signs up under their code, so naturally there are 500 girls hoping you'll do just that.
there are some girls who make the clothes look darling. i mean... model worthy girls. and their houses were gorgeous too! others look frumpy in their wrinkly fresh-out-of-the-box clothes and dirty bathroom mirrors. i can only assume i will lean towards this end of the spectrum.
and the prices. i understand it is a 'service' but until ryan opens 30 more shops or teachers make football star salaries, i can't justify an $88 scarf. that wasn't that cute. 
so... instead... style myself. when gap has a 40% off code. and free shipping. and returns. 
that i can do! 

i also grabbed two 'teacher' sweaters that will be perfect for next fall. and a hot pink cardigan. all of these treasures were significantly less than any stitch fix review total i read about. i also {shouldn't admit} i own gap items that are much older than my children. and still look great.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha, This is great!

    I have been loving Stitch Fix as something to do occasionally for fun, but I'm with you - I have things I got at Goodwill that are cuter and that I would wear way more than some of those items! :-P

    It's a great activity to do for fun, but it's definitely not something I will do a whole lot!

    And you do look great, by the way! :) Rock on!