Wednesday, May 15, 2013

she :)

she is 3.
she is smart. as in... you can't really outsmart her anymore. but you can bribe her with gum and lollipops.
she likes school. she likes nail polish. she likes going fast in the car.
she plays with her brother. she chases him around the kitchen and says, 'come on baby, come on' and he squeals and laughs.
she gets wild. and we get frustrated. she throws fits that are louder and bigger than she is. we watch her on her monitor with wide eyes.
she says sorry. she tucks her head when she pouts. she's overly particular about the color of... the hair tie, cup, shirt, shoes. oh her trustworthy purple shoes. you wouldn't know she owned anything else.
she asks about her grandparents. and loves her baby cousin. she can't wait to get the baby chicks. she asks to go camping at the beach. and then rattles off some obscure detail about our last trip that makes my mind spin.
she makes me proud. she makes me tear up when she talks about jesus. she told me flowers have nectar for birds and bees.
she is my blonde girl.

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