Wednesday, June 5, 2013

coop {part two}

we're getting there and i'm like that annoying kid in the backseat asking... is it done yet? but it almost is.  
a HUGE, monumental thanks to my dad and husband for putting up with my wish list. my door knob obsession. the hinge debate. and everything in between.
the floor is epoxied, the walls are skinned, the windows have been windexed. <----- oh look... that's where i come in!
the run, perch and all,  is near completion. i found two bunnies hanging out in here the other morning... pretty good sign the chickens are going to LOVE IT!
and the roosting boxes. those girls will have to earn their keep. 

i am beyond excited about our future fresh eggs. did i mention i may or may not have bought an egg cooker... and it's pretty magical. a salad with hard-boiled egg is one of my favorite things ever. ever!


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