Tuesday, June 4, 2013

san elijo {june 2013}

it is june! {insert teacher happy dance here}
we started our trip without the kids. what a brilliant idea.
dinner at las olas. alone! like the good ol' days.
the next morning: happy beach babies :)

they are official san elijo beach campers. and they officially know when we hit that parking lot where we are. and what they want. dane screams... in delight. moo immediately orders.
 princess castles
 trailer bathes
long lost toys rediscovered and thoroughly enjoyed... expect by ryan. he put most of these in the donation bag after stepping on too many. party pooper.
monday turned out to be a sunny, beautiful day. we're use to that kind of weather.

she was singing and twirling at the top of her lungs.
and he meticulously stepped around each and every seaweed mound.
but he cleans up well.
and then we had a magical, quiet, in and out filled drive home.
and clearly i fell off the 'no sugar' ban wagon. again.  

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