Friday, November 1, 2013

from the hen house

we started off with these six sweet little things. we knew gender was a gamble. little did i know the odds were waaaay against me. 
henrietta was a favorite. a blue egg layer.
and ruby became my personal fav. with the frizzled feathers and bossy attitude what's not to love?
and then... noises. lots of terrible rooster-esq noises started happening in the wee hours of the morning. i diligently took pictures of my 'girls' and posted them on i quickly learned that of my six chicks, all six were roosters. ALL.SIX. disappointment is and was an understatement. 
i visited the chicken lady another two times to sort and trade and evaluate this dilemma. i even tried convincing ryan to keep the roosters. but roosters don't lay eggs. and roosters wake you up in the wee hours. as does dane. but we can't trade him in. although moo has suggested it. 

four months later...
this is our flock. not a single original chick. 
note to self: when buying fancy breeds, buy the pullets. 
{and that auto-sexed sussex chick that was guaranteed to be a hen... she was also a boy. yeah.}

 chickens like cheese. who knew!?
and now we wait. eggs should be making an appearance soon.

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