Tuesday, October 29, 2013

i'm still alive...

i've taken a little break from this. i worked full time while she enjoyed the last weeks of her maternity leave. i guess i started my blogging hiatus long before the full time thing even happened. maybe in anticipation of the change. 

anyways... i'm here. alive and well. mostly to announce the survival of those 8 weeks of full time first grade, full time mom, wife, and all those other things i am... or not. 

we did family pictures a few weeks ago. the best part was it was a two second walk from our house. this glorious field is my view. it changes with the seasons... which is a slight rarity in san diego. 

i saved my favorites {unseen} for my christmas card. which, now that i'm back to part time, have been ordered and received. 

breathing room is back. and it feels goooooooood. 

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