Thursday, December 5, 2013


he's kinda sorta super hard right now.
{i wonder if they'll ever read these posts?!}

cries a lot. he's not really into sharing or speaking. he loves to scream and hit. he's a carb lover extraordinaire.

he wants daddy. and acts like i'm the evil step-mother during preschool drop off. he screams and says 'no' at pick-up.

he loves his FOUR blankies. and carries them around. and screams because the pile is too big to manage. he rubs the tags. shreds the edges. 

he loves his stuffed animal turtle. and the rocking horse motorcycle. he rides it before bed and screams when we peel him off. 

he loves to look at books. and dance. he loves being outside. he wants to hold the chickens. and feed them dried meal worms. he loves curious george, sesame street, and the cat in the hat. 

he's a wild card. good thing he's cute!

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