Wednesday, December 4, 2013


is so easy and FUN right now. she can get dressed. wash her hands and face. tell us what she wants and needs. she draws and colors. she wants to wear dresses and skirts... even on rainy days.

she quotes movies and makes us laugh. she helps dane take off his shoes. she opens the door for him. comforts him when he falls. she reports his 'time-outs' at school. and skates around the subject when she's had a seat herself.

she wants a treat after school. she loves nearly the exact same foods as we do. she'll eat brusselsprouts and broccoli. she likes hot chocolate and cinnamon toast.

she misses people. she likes to make cards for gg and papa. she loves scissors and glue sticks. she can write the letter 'm' and 'a'. she loves sharpies... just like me!

i'm just really loving this stage. dane... totally different blog post! ;)

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