Monday, June 11, 2012

mississippi mud puppy

moo girl was coined 'mississippi mud puppy' by uncle cory's friend.

although 'colorado river mud puppy' would have been more appropriate.

this weekend was our first trip as a family of four to the river. and we brought in reinforcements. sweet uncle cory agreed to be ryan's right hand man while i was the baby wrangler. although both boys helped with that too.

it started with a little hiccup.

the weather was perfect. the babies behaved in their lifejackets. allowed me to lather them in sunscreen without a fuss. mr. niz LOVED the boat. he flailed his arms and legs when the engine started. the same way he does when he sees his bottle, food, and the bath tub running. 

uncle cory entertained moo girl.

niz was too distracted by boy noises to nap in the boat. unless it was running. and when it stopped he woke up screaming. i guess it's in his blood.

she loved the boat too. the sandbar. the special occasion juice she drank. she socialized with other kids. floated down the river with daddy. she threw one serious overly tired/no nap fit saturday night. it was her best yet. 

niz ate sand. crawled in the water. he slept through the night. he is a river boy. already.

was it easy? no.
was it the river i once knew and loved? kinda of. 
do i have a new found respect for my parents? absolutely. it's a hard 'vacation' with little ones. and we literally grew up here. 
will we do it again? umm... sure. i may need some time.

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