Saturday, June 2, 2012

guilty pleasures

or lack there of.

i am officially getting rid of my post baby belly. yes, the stretch marks will stay forever, the roll... cannot. i am no longer indulging in sweets. and i am forcing my hungry self to portion control. it's a long road to recovery, but it has to be done. i cannot wear yoga pants for the rest of my life. and nothing else fits.

i am no longer using my credit card. in other words... i must save up, then by that random item i've talked myself into so desperately 'needing'. yuck.

what does this all equate to? a little more snappy, anxious, grouchier version of myself.

it's so not fun. but it's so worth it. i think.

luckily my partner in crime and auntie m send me encouraging texts to keep me in check. and that snarky two year old doesn't stop bossing me around all day. so i rarely sit down.

1 comment:

  1. You brave soul...about the sweets, that is :)