Wednesday, July 17, 2013


this week i pulled ryan's old dresser out to repaint. and then i asked him to go grab spray paint. in that order. that wrong order. 

anyways... i guess coral isle spray paint isn't on the top of the list to order. i guess these people don't do pinterest. most didn't know what color coral was. so after calling nearly 8 places... i knew my brother {the artsy one} would know. 

Blick. problem solved. blick is kinda like spray paint heaven. and what was even better was the worker. she didn't seem irritated helping me compare 15 shades of coral. or hunting down enough cans. i pretty much have a new favorite store. with workers who 'get it' without making me feel like a crazy person. 

the best part of the adventure... i'm lucky enough to have a younger brother who is bribable. i bought him lunch in exchange for baby wrangling assistance. thank goodness for him. 

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  1. Hahaha bribable brother. Love it & love the color too!!