Friday, July 5, 2013

the girls

chick raising isn't for the faint of heart. sometimes nature takes over. {despite all the right living conditions and all the research on every chicken forum under the sun.} and sometimes you have to be that mom who is secretly crying in the shower. but we are fine now. and everyone is growing and thriving.  

we have six baby girls 
{hopefully! gender isn't revealed for a few more months actually}

watching baby chicks is like therapy. you can spends hours sitting and watching and enjoying. or minutes. my kids act like tiny orphans when i go missing for more than ten minutes.

i can already see distinct personality differences. i report all my observations each night when ryan gets home. i'm pretty sure he doesn't know who i am talking about... but he's kind. and smiles and nods.

gretchen is brave. she's the first to check out new things. bugs, cantaloup, the thermometer.

delilah is mean. she's either a rooster or the top of the pecking order. she randomly pecks the others for no apparent reason. it makes me want to flick her. but i don't.

dotti is the biggest and clumsiest. she just seems sweet.

hadley is for sure a girl. she's auto sexed... bred to have markings specific to female. she's my favorite. the brown chipmunk colored sussex. she's tiny and likes to hide under dotti.

ruby is small and feisty. she has ruffled feathers. she also lays on her side and stretches her neck and legs when she's hot and looks dead. she's funny.

and henreitta is the little lavender/silver one. she is loud.

it's been really fun. i'm looking forward to them roaming the yard with me in the months to come.

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