Monday, July 22, 2013

san elijo july 2013

i'm not sure if it's growth or we've changed our expectations... but this was a really good trip. they've finally gotten the memo... beaches are for sitting and digging and playing. there were no fears of flies or seaweed or sand {that was especially fun}. watching them plop down and dig made my heart swell with happiness. it was dane in the water with ryan. it was the long walks down the beach exploring. 

we made trips to the park. and practiced self-control at VGs. we saw friends and played with cousins. we had pizza port and bonfires. 

it was simple. and sweet. and happy.

a year ago we made this same trip. and it wasn't all of those things. it was actually so hard i wanted to be done. i'm glad he didn't let me give up. so glad.

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