Monday, February 3, 2014

chicken farming

i had a realization this weekend. i am indeed a chicken farmer of sorts. the fun sort. here is how i know.

you know you're a chicken farmer when...

you sit to eat lunch and realize there are eggs in your pocket.
chicken forums are more interesting than baby forums.
livestock supply websites are bookmarked.
you're sewing for them.

when dane eyes an egg in the fridge and cries until you let him hold it. 
{clearly he's noticed me squeaking and squealing in delight as i carry eggs around the yard}

you know you're  a chicken farmer when...

you know how to worm a chicken.
you have an extra plate of scrambled eggs for them on saturday morning.
a little scrap bowl sits on the cutting board at all times.
eggs are to be dried and blended, never thrown away.

you know you're a chicken farmer when...

the chicken with the cough gets the same level of attention as the child with the cough.
you can pry open little beaks and rub medicine on nostrils.

and of course... when your reaction to this christmas gift is sheer delight!

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