Thursday, February 20, 2014

The 100th Day of First Grade

the 100th day usually falls in february. right in the midst of groundhog fun and valentine's mayhem. it's kind of a big deal in first grade. so we make a big day out of it.

i ask the students to bring in 100 items to share with the class. we compare the bags and talk about the differences. why is the bag of black-eyed peas so much smaller than the bag of cheese-its? don't they both have 100?

we bring in snacks to share for our 100 item trail-mix.

and of course, thank you mrs. sandford, we dress up like we are 100 years old.

we read books like The Wolf's Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza. We read poems, write all about $100, 100 siblings, what we would be like if we were 100 years old.

we count to 100. race to 100. jump for 100 seconds (type in 100th day of school in youtube)
we estimate. and win snacks.

and we have a lot of fun. 

{teachers: go to and search '100th day of school' and there are lots of great FREE resources!}

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