Wednesday, February 5, 2014

insta strangers

i no longer creep facebook. my newest late night addiction {beside staring at a snoring husband} is scrolling through hundreds of instagram pictures... of strangers. complete and total strangers. interesting mom types.

a lot of them write things in their bios like: my kids are my world, mommy of two, i revolve around... you get the gist.

i wrinkle my nose. really? i mean... yes, my kids are a HUGE part of my world, my day, my life. and happily. but i have been {me} for 30 years. i have been {mom} for 3 years. i am still me... kinda... i think. i still love to swim and watch movies or be side-by-side a friend in tj maxx. this wasn't all given away when that sweet first girl was born.

every.single.interesting woman i know, that i would like to emulate, is dynamic. truly multi-dimensional. not one prides herself in being 'only' a mom. it's a piece, but not the entire person.

and i shouldn't assume these instagram strangers necessarily mean that, but it just seems like a... strange? boring? dull? bio description.

or maybe i just don't get it.
{take what you want from this post considering i have nearly 3,000 instagram pics of MY children!}

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