Monday, August 6, 2012

bunting on a budget

i'm in love with bunting right now. like really in love. so i decided to make a few strands for nizzy's first birthday. 

it will be pirate themed. so i went with circles. and these are the colors of the party.

you will need:
- a circle punch... or lots and lots of time and energy if you cut your circles by hand
- card stock or free home depot paint sample cards
- twine
- hot glue gun

first, i bought a circle punch. it is a 2.5" ek circle punch
{i may or may not have just ordered a second, slightly smaller one, to layer these beauties!}

second, i robbed the home depot paint section of their paint sample cards. i recommend the behr brand cards because they are HUGE! 
{this may or may not be a new goal in life... have a small stash of every.single.color}   

third, i punched away.

i laid out twine. i use this kind. it should last me a few years. i also just ordered this kind.
i set my circles along the twine eye-balling the distance. you need two circles that will be glued together. 
{i learned that bunting is wiggly... the hard way when i made moo's last year... it will show the ugly backside when you hang it up}
i hot glued a line right over the twine.
and pressed the second circle right on top. now both sides are perfectly presentable.
and ta da! circle bunting! beautiful from all angles.
i will probably add some pirate stickers the day of the party once it is up. otherwise i am sure the stickers will end up upside down.

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  1. I bought this:

    from Michael's when I was doing lots of wedding DIY prep and it's pretty fab! You can cut all sizes :-)