Sunday, August 19, 2012

date night

the other night we were able to sneak away. to the fish market. we haven't been since prom night.

we got all dressed up. dropped babies with grandma. and ventured out.

we had a great table. a really nice server. and yummy food. we talked and pretended we were on a first date. although... our body language and 'is there anything in my teeth?' are far from first date conversation.

but it got me thinking about dating ryan as an adult. i wondered what it would be like to have just met him. what would his life be like? would he even want to date me? oh... of course he would! ;)

we've been in each others' lives for literally half our own life span. it's strange. and comforting.

i'm glad i didn't meet him as an almost 30 year old. i honestly don't believe i would have had the chance to date him if it worked out any other way.

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