Thursday, August 2, 2012

strange realities

counting down the seconds until they're in bed. missing them a few hours later.
worrying that his nap is too long.

the thrill of shopping with one. bringing in reinforcements to make it enjoyable. {does this make me super wuss mom?... ya. probably}

the 'know it all' mentality that leaves the minute you're a parent.

the comfort of a kaiser advice nurse. the joy of emailing the pediatrician. feeling beyond thankful that we have medical coverage. for our tiny humans.

the hours she's at school fly. the hours before ryan gets home stand still.

the joy a plastic pool brings. or a bathtub full of toys.

her round buddha belly is bottomless. she can eat all day. and make it seem like we starve her. 'mmmm.... food. lots of kinds? I soooooo hungy'

using the bathroom seems to alert her that she needs to go. right.that.second. then it alerts niz that he needs to check on us. the three of us in that tiny room. and now it's just so strange to ever be in there alone.

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