Friday, August 24, 2012

sad mac

i spend the majority of last night creating documents for my classroom. welcome back pages, homework sheets, graphic organizers. i hit save. then i hit the sheets.

this morning i packed up my sweet little white macbook and headed to work. excited to share my carefully drafted, font specific, fun pages with my partner in crime. i grabbed a seat in our staff meeting. plugged it in. hit start and... nothing.

and then this:
{this entire sex and the city dialogue started running through my head}

- When was the last time you backed up your work? - I don't do that. 
- You don't back up? - No. 
Anything else before we go in? 
Yes! There was a mean little man who popped up, and he had ''X's'' where his eyes should be. 
And his tongue was hanging out the side of his mouth. 
- He didn't have a tongue. - He had a tongue. 
That's the Sad Mac. You Sad Mac'd, you should've told me that before. 
Oh, my God, why? What does that mean? 
Could be your motherboard, the guts of your computer. It could be bad RAM. We'll keep it here for a couple of days, run some tests. I'm Dmitri. I'll call you if we find anything. 

and... i kid you not, my other mac has died before. I KNOW BETTER... yet i didn't do better.

so... through panicked tones and lots and lots of praying i made an appointment. and i literally grabbed the niz kid after work, my sad mac, my purse and headed to the apple store. 

to add insult to injury niz was grouchy. like yes... i'm THAT mom with the screaming kid. that has no business torturing other patrons. that mom who selfishly takes her little groucho out when he clearly needs a nap. when he's clearly teething. that mom who is handing her kid keys, pens, an iphone {because clearly... where better to have it dropped and broken}.

a cold sweat came over me watching the group of people ahead of me. listening to him scream. feeling him twist and turn in my arms. i would hear another kid squeak and feel a slight sense of relief. like... i'm not alone. not the worst, most selfish mom in here. my eyes would lock with another mom. who was equally as stressed. who understood that rigorous bounce. who handed me the sippy he just launched across this tech savvy store. 

at one point i thought... crap! is food even allowed in here? are almost one year olds even allowed in here?

so it was finally my turn. i had wiggled and jiggled him just enough to make it through our wait time. i may or may not have given him a random chocolate chip fiber one bar. tiny pieces at a time. and felt completely mortified that we were both getting covered in chocolate. and i'm pretty sure almost one year olds should NOT be eating chocolate. 

and then... happy, happy news. i only needed a new power cord. and then... sheer delight. i purchased apple care. so it was free {minus the cost of that extended coverage :) }

and now... my sad mac is no longer sad. and i will be backing up this weekend. 

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