Thursday, November 8, 2012

chicken hominy soup

this is currently my favorite meal.

{chicken hominy soup}
tastes like a mexican vegetable soup

a few teaspoons olive oil to the bottom of your pot
4 teaspoons cumin
2.5 teaspoons paprika
one diced onion
sauté until the onion is soft

add 10 cups chicken broth

add 4-6 freshly sliced zucchinis
a handful of baby carrots
4-6 frozen chicken legs {i use the costco prepackaged kind}
one can diced tomatoes {do not drain} or 2 freshly diced tomatoes
one large can of hominy {do not drain}. target- mexican food aisle.
4 teaspoons tabasco

cook on high for 20 minutes
let simmer until chicken is fully cooked
serve in a bowl. add crushed tortilla chips and an avocado on top. heaven. and it's fairly healthy ;)

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