Sunday, November 18, 2012

from the mouth of *MY* babe {2}

her: i can't like it.
me: why?
her: because it's too big
me: huh?
this is her reason for disliking anything. and it rarely makes sense. and it always makes us laugh.

while camping last weekend in the trailer...
i'm in the shower. the radio is on. i can barely make out the song. but i clearly hear:
'i hate this song'
i nearly fall out laughing. i turn off the water only to recognize that it's rage against the machine. and i couldn't agree more.

we made cookies for her teachers. i handed them to her to pass over. she looked up and in the silliest voice said, 'you like your cookies?' {the way cookie monster says 'cookies'} it's my new favorite sentence to imitate. until i realize i just said 'cookies' and she's demanding one.

my silly goose. i love her. a lot.

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