Monday, November 19, 2012

the ups and the downs...

of marriage.
i'm in an up right now. as in... stare at him from across the room and daydream like i did 13 years ago. in biology class. when my heart skipped a beat when he borrowed that blue pencil. that i may or may not have saved for years.
I just want to be right next to him. listen to him talk. hold hands in the car. i love that this feeling still exists in the same relationship. that i still get nervous.

i look at him and see the slightest changes. and they make him more handsome.  

i steer clear of broadcasting my feelings when we're in a low. and i hate that there are lows. perhaps a necessary evil.

he is so easy to love. he is easy to talk to. he is easy on me. kind. loving. even when i don't deserve it. sometimes i think i just get in the way of myself.

i use to tell him i wanted to marry him.
then... i want to have babies with you.
now... let's run away together. {is that terrible?}


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