Monday, November 5, 2012

halloween... and a few tears

the weekend before halloween we hit up the {mostly} unsuspecting campers at san elijo. they were so kind to scramble around their trailers and tents looking for the perfect treat. chips ahoys, licorice, popcorn. 

on the actual day we went to ryan's sister's. 

she was brave. a little too brave perhaps. 

this weekend i looked at that pile of orange and black. the hat with the dangling spider, the stockings, her skirt. i got choked up. wiped a few tears. 

this will be their last year wearing these costumes. the memory of buying that sweet witch costume with my mom at UTC. the debate between the dragon and the pumpkin. 

this will be the last year ryan will be able to carry nizzy the entire time. maybe the last time she will eagerly hold my hand as we go house to house.

it's funny that i thought she was going to be scared. and cry. and i ended up being the one who did that.


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