Friday, February 8, 2013

buffalo chicken sliders

on super bowl sunday i tried something new... buffalo chicken sliders. success.

here's how:
3 lb bag of frozen chicken
12 oz bottle of Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce {pay attention... there are many varieties}
1 packet of Ranch salad dressing

yeah... that's all you need. three simple items. my idea of perfection.

1. throw the entire bag of frozen meat in a big ol' pot and set heat to low.
2. pour the entire bottle of Frank's on top.
3. sprinkle the ranch packet over top.


once the meat is fully cooked, shred the meat into tiny pieces. i used my tongs and a fork.

simmer some more so the buffalo wing sauce soaks into each piece.


we put the buffalo chicken on rolls. we also cut up celery and carrots to add as a side.

the next night we added the meat to quesadillas and they were heavenly.

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