Monday, February 25, 2013


14 years ago i was tucked into a bean bag chair. my feet up on the dresser with the gold handles. staring at my toes. on the phone with him.

my 15 year old brave, innocent, naive self boldly asked a question that would single handedly change my entire future. i wore my heart on my sleeve. i was young and strong and unscathed.

i simply asked, 'what am i to you?'

and he said, 'my girlfriend'. in that single moment my fate was forever changed.

we stood together after our high school graduation. in college. when i received my degree. on our wedding day. he stood there as i showed him that pregnancy test. when our babies were born.

i unknowingly made the smartest decision of my life asking him that question 14 years ago.


{for the record: he teases me often and says i'd be face down in the gutter without him}
some days... i might agree

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