Tuesday, February 12, 2013

cliff bars and poop look incredibly similar

when waterlogged in the tub.

i put the niz kid in the tub with a piece of kids cliff bar. he immediately dropped it. and squish it. and stirred it all around the tub.

later, ryan pulled him out of the tub. he convinced me i need to clean the bathwater since i was to blame for the crumbly mess.

as i'm scooping up big chunks, i look closer to realize that this is not a cliff bar. not at all. this is poop. {as i'm studying it in my finger tips}

all i can think... oh my god! he was squishing and stirring and possibly sampling poop!

ryan walked in and asked what happened... holding back laughter. he had caught the niz kid pooping and promptly taken him out. there was no poop eating.

he was laughing so hard... collapsing on the bed type laughter.
then he asked... did you wash your hands? ummm... rude.

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