Wednesday, February 13, 2013

she :)

she will be three... THREE!... in two short months. oh my heart.

she calls us scoogie and him 'super dad' and likes to tell me 'no thanks!'

she came home with a tulip bulb. she handed it to me and said, 'please turn this into a flower for me.'

i asked her if she learns about God during chapel and she quickly replied, 'no, just Jesus.'

she could live off lady and the tramp, applesauce squeezes and yogurt with snowflake sprinkles. {that she sprinkles herself. that may or may not be a small mound by the time she's satisfied. at 8 am.} when she watches lady she says, 'it's the beav, it's the beav' when that beaver with a lisp appears. and we chuckle.

she wants a story at bedtime. her GG she hates the pug. {she jumps up on her. and steals food.} she tells us that she misses seaworld.
she wants to name our chickens leichy two shoes and maqwerin. she eats salmon. and pork chops. and loves avocados.

today she put her head in my lap and said... 'i love you so much mommy.'
i love you too scoogie. i love you too.

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