Monday, May 7, 2012

if it wasn't for her...

i wouldn't be sharing a contract. i wouldn't have the sanity working three days a week brings me. i wouldn't have time to blog or sew or sneak moments of silence. i wouldn't be a happy teacher or a happy mama if it wasn't for her.

i trust her like no one else. with my career. with my friendship. with my heart.

if it wasn't for her...
i wouldn't know the joys of san elijo. vg's donuts. no bake cookies.
i wouldn't understand the meaning of 'be a compliment to your husband'.

i wouldn't have met her three sisters that are so alike and so different and so fun. or that they have a family cheer.

i wouldn't have met her mom. the mom that told me everything i needed to know about labor. and the sister that told me i could do it.

i wouldn't have experienced a yosemite wedding in the fall.

if it wasn't for her...
i would have taken myself too seriously. perhaps buckled under the pressure of those first few years.

i wouldn't have known how quickly i could jump out of my seat. when fireworks started going off underneath me.

if it wasn't for her...
i wouldn't have some of the best memories of my life.

i wouldn't have a partner in crime. a lifelong friend.

in the six short years i've known her, she has taught me so many things.

you are an inspiration to me. everyday.  

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