Tuesday, February 14, 2012


He :)

he is adorable. he will be 5 months old in two days. he is rolling. he has a mohawk.

he loves his swing. he watches the mobile and smiles at his reflection. he rubs the blanket on his face when he's falling asleep. 

he watches everything she does. he laughs when she talks to him. he likes when she touches him. 

he likes his turtle gus. his scout. his seahorse. 

his sleep patterns are still inconsistent. he doesn't sleep as much as his sis did. he fights it most days. but he's happy.

he has this perfectly round head. 

the tiniest little fingers. he still scratches his own face. he is grabbing things. and holding toys. he pulls out his own bink and sometimes puts it back in. he sucks his fingers. he grabs his feet. 

he smiles. at me. at sister. at ryan. we all smile back.

he's enjoying his jumperoo. 

he tried rice cereal.


he didn't like it.

he is making me happy beyond belief {besides my sleepy work days} watching him and moo interact has made two under two worth it. even the challenging days.

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