Friday, February 10, 2012

world's finest

two weekends ago we went to the zoo. world's finest, san diego zoo. we are lucky, lucky ducks to live in san diego. so many great places, so close to home. 

the twins took us with their two free passes. ours expired, so it felt extra fun.

we ate at alberts. i guess it was named after a gorilla that lived right where the restaurant was built. i had bbq chicken pizza. ryan had a sandwich. moo ate bread, lots of bread. 

and she colored. luckily the restaurant had paper to color on. and my newest mom super power is totting crayons everywhere we go.

we hit up the petting zoo. 

she washed her hands. her newest obsession in life is soap. a good obsession to have if you ask me.

we had our beloved B.O.B.

monkeys are always a hit.

as is daddy.

and when we got home, some wagon rides. 

and a post nap pippi pony.

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