Saturday, February 4, 2012


it's already february. i know this for sure because 'calendar' is an intricate part of first grade. whereas a few weeks ago, i couldn't tell you the day of the week, the month, and quite possibly the correct year. and it was perfectly acceptable.

february has quite the happenings in my world. groundhog's day, the 100th day of school, valentine's day. four classroom birthdays. and both our grandmothers' birthdays. 

it also includes our original (not wedding, but dating) anniversary. we will be celebrating 13 years on the 16th. and he still loves me so...

ryan's brother will be 21 soon. that means i have been in his life for more than half OF his life. that's astounding to me. 

and to make this a cheery good month, baby D bestowed to us a full nights sleep. yes... 10pm to 4:30am. i am in a sort of purgatory. a mix between extreme joy and 'will he take it all back and never do this again?'

i'm almost too afraid to get excited. scared to be let down. but then again... look at that face. he could NEVER really let me down.

some of us have been doing a very good job eating well. 
she ate this entire tray {croutons, raspberries, chick peas, olives, broccoli, and peach} 

some of us... not so much.

oh... and a new season on Tosh.O started. my favorite mindless guilty pleasure.

and i have been thoroughly enjoying a shared contract. friday consisted of gg's house, jo-anns, bbq pit, and dr. phil.

until this one highjacked the tv and insisted on yo gabba gabba. 'balloons, balloons, balloons make me happy'... and three binks. 

on my february to-do list: rid her of the bink addiction. and potty train. eeekkk... scared of both items. and they are both musts... soon.

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