Friday, February 17, 2012


how on earth did she change so much in the last three weeks? and i mean really change. her language and communication skills blow me away. her sass. her bossiness. dare i say it?... she is me.

favorite breakfast ~ honey nut joe O's with milk. 

she can count to 15. i kid you not. she skips 'one' and sometimes 'four' but she has officially gone beyond ten. then she claps. she can sing the abc's. the wheels on the bus. even a few songs from baby signing time. particularly 'wash, wash, wash, wash... i use soap and water' 

she's loving her little people bus and passengers. she gets angry when the door won't open. they must walk up the stairs and into their seats. she plays with her vtech laptop. she repeats the letters as she pushes the buttons. 

she loves outings. checking out new houses. visiting with people. but her little instincts are also telling her to be weary of strangers. she's starting to seem afraid of men she doesn't know. oddly i find much comfort in this. she's listening to her instincts. i will always remind her to do that when she's older. 

her newest addiction in life is a good, soft pillow. she carries them from room to room. looking for her bink and pillow at all hours in the day. i made her this one.  just in time for dr. seuss day... my favorite unofficial holiday. she holds it and says 'cozy' and 'cat!'

oh and drawing. her favorite pass time. pens, markers, crayons... all game. she wants you to sit right beside her. she tells you to draw things like 'happy' {a smiley face} and 'bird.' she likes when you write letters and she can recite almost! oh happy day. meeting kindergarten standards before age two makes me tear up. 

and she is drawing circles now. and signing daddy's valentine's day card. but she absolutely hates when she writes on herself. we can thank ryan for that trait.

she is careful and thoughtful about arranging things. particular i would say. she's gotten on board with calling baby D 'niz naz.' she's always looking for him. 

and my personal favorite trick this week... when she wagged her tiny little finger at ryan and said 'no, no, no daddy.' i laughed so hard i cried. ryan... not so much.

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