Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 months

he is 7 months old.
he is manly enough to sport a pink binky.
he reads warning labels.
sleeps through the night. {insert HUGE smiley face here} and in the car.
hangs in the jumperoo. watches his sister busy herself upstairs.
holds toys. nuzzles blankets. and pulls hair. sister has been pinned to the floor a time or two.
oh and he smiles. a big happy smile. unless teething, he is a happy little soul. 
he has one tooth. his bottom left. and it was an unpleasant experience. teething rash and all. {i recommend NOT googling 'torso rash'. images of german measles make for panic attacks.} 
he is officially blond. and rolling everywhere.
he wants to do everything his dad does. 
he's inquisitive. and curious. and wants to see everything.
he adores being outside.
and being with mama. he's making lots of new noises. he watches us intently as we chat.
he wants to touch your face. especially when you talk to him. or while trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep. and his nails seem to be sharp seconds after cutting them. it feels like i am constantly cutting finger and toe nails around here.
he likes to get into the holiday spirit. my goal for him... never grow up to be a grinchy old man. never.
he still makes his baby lamb sound when he's happy.
and he can raise his eyebrows and it makes me smile. 
he's coziest in a lap. 
and a water beetle.
he's the best 7 month old i know.

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