Thursday, April 12, 2012

a week in review

we went to san elijo. a CA state beach. a new family tradition. 

i did a little swimsuit shopping for the girl. 
made many lists.
prepped easter baskets.
loaded babies. 
sat with them. entertained. 
we set up camp. admired the view.
arranged my ranunculus. 
got her all suited up.

we took many, many wagon rides.
they played in the {freezing cold} water. it did not phase her. not one bit!

i had a few tropical camp fire cocktails. 
we used the B.O.B. for all our walks. we get so much exercise during these trips. B.O.B rides calm babies. calm babies make for pleasant vacations. {if you would even consider two under two a vacation. ever. anywhere.}
the niz kid got a new cozy hat. he looks like a where the wild things are creature.
they slept poorly. this guy made it into our bed most nights. two pack and plays side by side = disaster. add teething... super disaster. it was the sleepiest vacation of my life.
she turned two.

we had birthday treats. my mom brought us these delights from hans and harry's.
we went to the park.
soaked up the beautiful weather.
enjoyed lazy days.

made fires. enjoyed alone time. listened to the waves. looked at the moon.
had treats from VG's.
played in the sand.
read books.
took naps. {well... babies did. i however, was not so lucky.}
sported adorable bathing suits.
had visitors. birthday presents. and bubbles. lots of bubbles.

enjoyed easter. with a monkey.

and i admired this boogie board tree fort. and kinda missed being seven years old. because this would have been right up my ally. 
it was a fabulous week. not the easiest week. maybe not even what i once considered a 'vacation'. but it was our week. filled with so many smiles and laughs and memories. 

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